Small Business Accounting - Personal & Corporate Income Tax

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Are you overwhelmed with your accounting and bookkeeping?
Your payroll? Your GST returns?

Call 'Mee' First

Winner of the 2008 White Rock South Surrey Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Award, 1 - 7 Employees

Accounting and Bookkeeping support
on a regular or on an "as needed" basis

We work in an easy manner using layman's terms assisting the client to build or maintain an office system specific to their business needs.  This is done maintaining the highest professional standards acting as a silent partner. 

We like to build long-term relationships with my clients to assist with their growth along the way.

We like to be known as a "grass roots accountant" who can remove the intimidation of the sometimes overwhelming paperwork for the owner operated business.  We partner with my client building, from the bottom up, a system customized to their individual needs, helping with projections and focusing on their plan to succeed.

Ideal clients are small business owners who have the desire to run a successful business or those who can use help computerizing manual systems already in place.


Dianne Mee & Associates offers accounting and bookkeeping services, tax preparation and set up and training and is conveniently located in White Rock Square at Russell and Foster.

The goal is to meet the accounting needs of both small businesses and individuals. For the small business we are able to prepare set up and training, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, GST returns and tax returns.

For the individual we prepare current and back taxes, and act as a resource center for government forms.

If you need help in any of these areas please call 604-535-5355 for more information or an appointment to meet with Dianne Mee.

We hope to hear from you in the near future.

Call Mee first!

* Accounting set up of manual or computerized systems
* Assessment of the business to recommend the most suitable accounting software
* Assistance with a business plan or an income & expense projection
* Training of staff on both accounting software or manual systems.
* Office system and procedures to reduce duplication and increase productivity
* Time management to refine information flow
* Assistance with the backlog of records
   e.g. organizing, sorting, categorizing
* Bookkeeping, data input, credit card and bank reconciliation
* Month end and year end adjustments
  e.g. depreciation, prepaid expenses, accounts payable and income tax liability
* G.S.T., P.S.T., payroll and government reporting
* Reporting, financial statements, net worth, cash flow
* Assistance with reading financial reports.
* How to best minimize expenses and maximize profits
* Income tax planning and preparation


Our experience encompasses expertise in bookkeeping and tax at all levels with the ability to train people with little or no understanding of bookkeeping or office procedures, starting at entry level and working in a relaxed manner at a pace that suits the client's need.
The training of record keeping and business systems for small business owners. Taking the mystery out of government reports e.g. GST, PST, WCB and Payroll deductions. 
Provide and teach bookkeeping to the entrepreneur at start up or even computerization of a current manual system.

Flexible appointments can be arranged.

Income Tax

Income tax should be a year round concern and as such should be included in your weekly bookkeeping. We will help you with filing back taxes and setting up a system to make future filings as stress free as possible.

Back Taxes

There are many reasons why a company can get behind in paying taxes but once behind the problem just escalates. We specialize in bringing taxes up to date and finding all those hidden exemptions for you.
Let us put your mind at ease and bring your filings up to date.

H.S.T.   -   W.C.B.

HST and WCB can be a headache for all businesses large or small and can be so complex that many businesses pay more than they need.
Let us help take the mystery out of it for you.  


A payroll system which is easy to use and understand is essential for any business. We will set up or help you set up a system tailored to your needs. 
Or direct you to one of the two companies that that will prepare your payroll for you through your financial institution.  

Business Plans

Do you require services in the areas of business plan preparation, financial forecasting & analysis or business and strategic planning?"

We can be your silent partner on call throughout your fiscal year to answer your questions and concerns and assist with your monthly reporting requirements, financial statements and CRA audits